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Golden Spiral Vitality, LLC

Trolleite Tower

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Origin: Brazil

Size: approx. 4.5 in x 1.5 in (114 mm x 38 mm)

Weight: approx. 7.1 oz (200 g)

TROLLEITE is a beautiful, pale blue crystal that combines the energies of Quartz, Lazulite, Scorzalite and Lepidolite into a potent, upper-level chakra energizer! TROLLEITE works on the Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras, allowing us to access our higher consciousness and our connection to the wider universe. Along with encouraging us to speak our truth and extend compassion to those around us, TROLLEITE also amplifies our sense of creativity and helps us to manifest our thoughts and ideas. By cleansing our consciousness of the weigh of doubt and previous negative experiences, TROLLEITE allows us to draw a new path thru life, with fresh ideas and optimism about achieving our goals.  

You will receive the unique crystal pictured here. Price is for a single (1) crystal.

We provide metaphysical, energetic and vibrational descriptions of our products in order to provide guidance, context, and entertainment for those who appreciate it. These statements are in no way meant to replace medical advice from a qualified, medical professional and should not be taken as such.
This product is not a toy and may pose a choking hazard. Please keep away from children.