About Us

Hello Friends! My name is Adrijana Ristic and I am the owner, founder and practitioner at Golden Spiral Vitality, LLC. I am an Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and teacher, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) Shamanic Apprentice with Don Oscar Miro Quesada, and a Total Body Analysis practitioner. I am certified through C.A.R.E. for the Raindrop Technique, and have studied with many amazing intuitives such as Sandra Anne Taylor, Sharon Klingler, Colette Baron Reed, Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine and Bridget Esselmont.

I started my spiritual journey early in life, having the good fortune of being born into a family with a healthy appreciation for our Earth, the natural world that surrounds us and the traditional wisdom that comes with nurturing the mind, body and soul by communing with and understanding nature. I spent my formative years learning all I could from the elders in my family and community (in both large cities and traditional villages in Croatia) before making my life's first big transformation in coming to the USA.

I spent several years working a normal 9-5 schedule while pursuing my spiritual growth before coming to the realization that my true calling in life was to bring my knowledge and ability to connect with and heal people to the many souls in need I encountered in my everyday life. I quit the grind of a 9-5 work day and now focus on energy work and Golden Spiral's products full-time with the help of my husband, soul mate and spiritual apprentice Jim.   

Together, my husband and I formed Golden Spiral Vitality (and our Gaia's Gifts brand) to offer people healing in their every day lives. Imbued with loving, divine energy, all of our products are consciously created with your greatest good in mind, and to work with and re-awaken your divine aspects, which can often become dormant or stagnant through lack of engagement, stress or being surrounded by negative energies. The rituals we perform every day, and, yes, they are rituals, such as putting on a piece of jewelry or adding a crystal to your pocket before you leave the house, can absolutely be a conduit through which we accept love, healing energy and enrich our lives. 

This is the ritualistic aspect that drives Golden Spiral Vitality - you can improve your mind, body and spirit in small ways each and every day by accepting this loving energy and allowing it to wash away the things that are holding you back from your true being! 

Love, Light and Healing!


The Golden Spiral Vitality / Gaia's Gifts Team