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Golden Spiral Vitality, LLC

Obsidian Crystals

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Provides a mirror of inner being. Works with great power and speed in exposing truth, flaws and blockages. It releases fear and teaches us how to deal with truth and the fact that we're all here to learn form our mistakes. It promotes growth, releases fear and provides direct connection to Mother Earth. It is a strongly protective stone, creating a shield from negativity, psychic attacks, geopathic pollution absorbing it all into itself and providing strength in process.   

Works on clearing the path towards finding one's soul purpose by eliminating energy blocks and bringing up shadows for integration into true self. Brings clarity, expands consciousness , removes fear of the unknown, removes past trauma, expands compassion. Make sure its used for Greatest good!

Black Obsidian: For Shadow work, bringing the truth to surface to be dealt with , facing one's true self, past lives healing, protective, increases self-control, support during change, removed spiritual and energy blocks and mental conditioning, manifests spiritual energies on Earth. 

Gold Sheen Obsidian: Effective for scrying into the future and past, revealing of what needs healing, eliminates ego conflict and involvement, balances energy field and knowledge if spiritual direction. 

Silver Sheen Obsidian: enhances meditation, imparts patience and perseverance when needed, great for astral journey. 

Spheres are 3" in size the one in the picture has a slight gold sheen and the other  one has gold sheen clearly visible on both sides. 

Chakra Extractors out of Black Obsidian, are 2: in diameter on the widest point and 2" tall. They are used for extracting blockages and dense energy from your chakras as well as any part of the body. Each one comes with instructions. 

Tumbled stones vary in size from 1/2" to 3/4" and are approximately 0.5 oz ( 14g) in weight. 

All of the crystals will arrive cleansed and charged. For tumbled stones I will tune into your energy and let the stone choose you so the match is cosmically set.