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Golden Spiral Vitality, LLC

Selenite Bowl

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Size: approx. 2.25 in (57 mm)

Weight: approx. 4.1 oz (115 g)

SELENITE owes its beautiful, translucent white color to its strong association with the Moon. And just like the Moon is a potent cleanser of negative energy, SELENITE is a master cleanser of crystals, people and spaces. SELENITE enhances the Crown chakra and helps in accessing angelic guidance. Often used to cleanse other crystals and during rituals to cleanse people and spaces, SELENITE absorbs negative energy, promotes a peaceful atmosphere and can aid in detaching entities which have anchored themselves to our light bodies. Assisting in making sound judgments and blocking external influences from our minds, SELENITE helps to stabilize our moods while promoting flexibility and increased understanding of how to best go about solving issues in our lives.

CAUTION: SELENITE is water-soluble, so please keep away from water or other liquids. If your SELENITE needs cleansing, smudging or bathing in moon light are recommended.

You will receive a crystal of similar size to the one shown. Price is for a single (1) crystal.

We provide metaphysical, energetic and vibrational descriptions of our products in order to provide guidance, context, and entertainment for those who appreciate it. These statements are in no way meant to replace medical advice from a qualified, medical professional and should not be taken as such.
This product is not a toy and may pose a choking hazard. Please keep away from children.