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Golden Spiral Vitality, LLC

Cleansing Kit

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Cleansing Kit

Cleansing (also known as Smudging) is a method of purifying oneself or one's sacred space. Used culturally throughout the world and for several thousands of years, this ancient modality of purification involves the wafting of slow-burning plants and herbs over a person or object, or throughout a space.

Our Cleansing Kit contains:

Sage - the smoke from burning sage attaches itself to negative energy and transmutes it into clean, positive energy.

Cedar - the smoke from Cedar and the scent of burning Cedar attracts positive energy while driving out negativity.

Sweetgrass - often burned at the beginning of a ritual, Sweetgrass also attracts positive energy.

Charcoal Tablet - can be lit in order to burn loose plants and herbs, such as the Cedar. Breaking the tablet into smaller pieces for each ritual will prolong its life.

Abalone Shell - a natural receptable for the Charcoal Tablet, the shell can also be used to hold water or other sacred liquids during the ritual. 

Feather Fan - feathering is a technique by which the smoke is directed around or over the person or object needing cleansing. The feather can also be used to provide airflow over the burning plants and herbs to keep them smoldering.

Our kit also includes directions for its proper use!