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Golden Spiral Vitality, LLC

Amethyst Bahia Elestial Point

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Elestial, Euhedral Wand w/ Phantoms 

Origin: The State of Bahia, in Brazil, is world renowned for their large, deeply hued amethyst points, lending their name to these one-of-a-kind crystals.

Size: approx. 11 in x 3 in (279 mm x 76 mm)

Weight: approx. 32.7 oz (928 g)

AMETHYST is an exceptionally powerful and protective crystal, renowned for transmuting negativity into loving, healing energies. AMETHYST is also a potent tranquilizer, absorbing negative environmental energy and stress, and allowing us to achieve a peaceful, meditative state of rest. In this state, AMETHYST helps us to feel less scattered, more centered, and more able to access our higher consciousness, leading to improved focus and decision-making. The improved mental clarity that AMETHYST provides also encourages more restful sleep patterns and protects against recurrent nightmares.

AMETHYST can reduce physical issues related to stress, such as headaches or insomnia, and promotes healing by boosting our immune system and waste disposal processes. Stimulating our Third Eye and upper level chakras, AMETHYST boosts our intuition and strengthens the connection between our mind, body, spirit and universal energies, aiding in reception and transmission of those energies both while we're awake and during sleep.


WANDS are traditional healing tools with the ability to focus energy tightly thru their tips. Programmed appropriately with intention, wands can both transmit and absorb energies as needed by the practitioner. Care should be taken to channel universal, loving energy when working with wands to avoid depleting one's own energy.

ELESTIAL crystals are those displaying many natural crystal terminations on their surface, making them multi-layer crystals. These layers help energy to flow gently thru the crystal, easily removing blockages and opening pathways to change. The smooth flow of energy provides comfort and is helpful in overcoming emotional burdens, particularly karmic energies from past life experiences.

EUHEDRAL crystals are those that form with well-defined faces meeting at sharp corners. This phenomenon is due to them forming apart from neighboring crystals and with plenty of room to naturally grow, what is scientifically known as a "lack of steric hindrance". This lack of hindrance allows the crystal to grow until it reaches its lowest surface energy state - flat faces that meet at sharp corners displaying regular, geometric patterns. This low surface energy state strengthens the crystal against fractures in the crystal face and often produces faces that are optically clear.

PHANTOMS are ghost-like crystals that appear within the body of a larger crystal. These phantoms absorb learning and natural energies as they grow over many eons of time, allowing us in the present to access that wisdom and energy to help us put our past in perspective and leading us toward a path of growth and evolution.

You will receive the unique crystal pictured here. Price is for a single (1) crystal.

We provide metaphysical, energetic and vibrational descriptions of our products in order to provide guidance, context, and entertainment for those who appreciate it. These statements are in no way meant to replace medical advice from a qualified, medical professional and should not be taken as such.
This product is not a toy and may pose a choking hazard. Please keep away from children.